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Carpet Tiles (Desso)

Natural Nuances ProBase

Natural Nuances ProBase

The Natural Nuances range from Desso is designed to soften modern, urban interiors with its subtle tone-in-tone hues. 
Natural Nuances offers a choice of 48 neutral and grey shades, providing the perfect backdrop for strong architectural features and interior materials. Subtle contrasts within the yarn composition also help bring a sense of order and lightness to the space for a calm, minimalist feel.

Colour Range

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Colour Range

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Stocked in Australia
AA15 9020
AA15 9030
AA15 9040
AA15 9050
AA15 9060
AA15 9120
AA15 9150
AA15 9160
AA15 9220
AA15 9240
AA15 9250
AA15 9260
AA15 9320
AA15 9330
AA15 9340
AA15 9360
AA15 9420
AA15 9430
AA15 9440
AA15 9460
AA15 9530
AA15 9540
AA15 9550
AA15 9560
AA15 9630
AA15 9640
AA15 9660
AA15 9720
AA15 9730
AA15 9740
AA15 9820
AA15 9830
AA15 9850
AA15 9860
AA15 9920
AA15 9930
AA15 9940
AA15 9950
AA15 9960
AA16 9010
AA16 9110
AA16 9210
AA16 9410
AA16 9510
AA16 9610
AA16 9710
AA16 9810
AA16 9910
Natural Nuances ProBase
AA15 9020
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Certifications and Sustainability

Certifications and Sustainability

Greentag - Level A Certification for Green Star Rating
ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Certification

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Downloadable Asset

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Fire Test Certificate

GreenTag Product Certificate

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